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Ethos Fitness and Yoga at Simply Well are now Simply Yoga and Fitness! One location together - 265 Penrose Place.

When Simply Yoga and Fitness moved to its Penrose Place location, it ceased its affiliation with Simply Well.  Simply Well  continues to operate at 28 S. Pitt Street Carlisle, PA

There’s a place for you.

Simply Yoga and Fitness is for everyone. Our knowledgeable instructors care deeply about helping you discover your love of movement. Whether it’s your first class, you’re dusting off your mat, or you are looking for a yoga and fitness home, we welcome you!

Goat Yoga

Enjoy a light-hearted adventure with precious baby goats as they jump, nibble and snuggle you. They might not be certified therapy animals, but they are certainly adorable.


In addition to our numerous weekly classes, we offer unique experiences that provide more support on your path to healing and wellness.

Core & Pelvic Floor

Build a functional body. Our specialized program can be a game changer for anyone struggling with incontinence, diastasis recti, painful intercourse, back pain and pelvic floor dysfunction.