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Jenni Moore

Jenni Moore, Pilates instructor, has been with Simply Yoga and Fitness since its inception 12 years ago. She is part of our beginning and so much a part of who we are today. Before she became a fixture here, Jenni shared her talents as a teacher in Dickinson College’s Wellness Program and with the Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet. She has always combined the teaching methodologies learned while earning her master’s of education with her passion for Pilates. 

She brings 30 years of her own practice experience and 20 years of instructional experience to create classes that fuse Pilates, strength work, and elements of dance while remaining incredibly focused on client health and wellness. 

Certified in classic, technical, and modern mat, Jenni also specialized in Floor-Barre, a program created for people with injuries or who can’t tolerate weight-bearing exercise to develop and keep strength. Jenni uses her extensive movement and wellness knowledge to create classes that are perfect for a wide range of people of different ages, abilities, and concerns. 

Her classes are fluid, functional, and fun! Outside the studio doors we often hear a round of applause at the close of Jenni’s Pilates classes. Her classic but contemporary approach to Pilates is very much appreciated by the members here, and we are so blessed to have her on our team.