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Irene Clauser

Irene is a lover of self-reliant healing. Always seeking ways to expand, learn/unlearn, and raise vibrations. She became a student of yoga (of life) in her adolescence and began teaching in 2016, receiving her certification through Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health. Growing up, as a young athlete, yoga became a natural way to move energy & to cope with everyday stress & anxiety. Her practice cultivated space to hold all the human complexities, uncertainties, and realities that we all struggle with. For Irene, yoga is a mirror that provides truth in order to self-reflect & self-correct, to be the best version of herself possible. Besides sharing her love of yoga, mindfulness, and spirituality, Irene is a dedicated mother, wife, and entrepreneur. She enjoys long hikes, good food, and literally, all the small things!

Irene’s classes are typically fluid, breath + vinyasa based. Expect strength building sequences that are dynamic and lively. Designed to cultivate a sense of power & peace and to find balance between effort & ease. Just like in life, Irene’s personal practice and teaching style fluctuates often so, be sure to come with an open heart & an open mind! As Coby Kozlowski writes “Yoga is something to experience. It is love. Yoga is becoming intimate with all of life. Because yoga is life.”