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Diana Robinson

Diana found a regular yoga practice in 2008 to manage stress and wear and tear on her body as a result of working in health care as an Occupational Therapist. As a result, she began incorporating components of mindfulness, yoga, and meditation into treatments with patients in order to help them participate in activities of daily living more independently. Diana found Simply Yoga and Fitness when she lived across the street, starting as a student and then transitioning into a teacher in 2012.

Diana specializes in adapting yoga to fit any body and any level of ability. Her passions include making yoga accessible to anyone and helping others to self- heal through a regular yoga practice. She has taught yoga to all levels, including students with spinal cord injuries, arthritis, lymphedema, strokes, and Parkinson’s to name a few.

Diana is a registered Yoga Teacher through the Yoga Alliance and has a certification as a Lakshmi Voelker Chair Yoga Teacher. She is also a Reiki Master Teacher and a Certified Lymphatic Therapist, and currently works with clients at Camille Baughman and Associates.

Like so many of us, 2020 and COVID-19 brought several changes to Diana’s life, including a change in career. This month, Diana is embarking on a new journey and attending graduate school at Shippensburg University in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program. In her spare time, Diana enjoys walking or hiking with her dog Rosie, knitting, reading, and working on art work.