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New Scheduling Software!

By admin

May 20, 2021


Everything you need to know, refer back to this page as we get closer to launch date for updated info


1. When it’s time (shooting for evening of 6/2), download our new beautiful app. The new app will be labeled “Yoga at Simply Well New”. If you’re not an app person, you may also still book classes through our schedule page on our main website. We highly recommend that you use the app as the new system works best on a smartphone or tablet. If you are not a computer person, you may still call, text or email to make a reservation for any class.

2. Reset your password! Hey, when’s the last time you changed your password anyway? When it’s time, we will send you a direct link to reset your password and you’ll be able to log into our new software using the email address we have on file for you and the new password you create.

3. Program our studio info into your phone and add our email address to your contacts and mark our email address as safe so that if you need support on the fly – that information is ready to go! info@simplyyogaandfitness.com 717-968-0167. Our staff will be extra available during launch and the week after to provide technical support.

4. Schedule and enjoy our new website and scheduling system! It’s simple, clean looking and easy to use!


We are upgrading our scheduling software to a company that we believe is a better fit for our business and supports the growth we are planning. Our main goal is to provide you with a dependable, secure system that fosters clear communication, simplifies class scheduling, and maximizes utilization of guest passes. We are extremely excited that after months of preparing, we are ready!


Launch date is set for Wednesday, June 2nd! You get to sit back, relax and let us do all the work. For now, continue signing up for classes as usual. After our last scheduled class on the evening of June 1st, you will no longer have access to our Mindbody site. On the 2nd all remaining data will be transferred over and we will be fresh and live to schedule classes in our new system no later than Thursday June 3rd.


We know that change can be difficult. Not everyone likes to jump head first into trying new things. We are committed to making this transition as supportive and comfortable for our clients as possible.

We will have one “offline” day – June 2nd. During that day you will not be able to make reservations or pay for classes online. We will be prompting all students who want to take classes that day to sign up before June 2nd. If you forget, that’s no problem – simply call, text or email us to reserve your class for that Wednesday. For all virtual classes on June 2nd, there will be one zoom link and we will take attendance through zoom. Access virtual classes on 6/2 here.

Any prior reservation that you’ve made in Mindbody for classes two weeks after our launch date will migrate over to the new system. After June 15th, there will be no more reservations that were previously made through Mindbody in our new system.

All clients and members data, including current credit cards, will securely transfer over. For members on autopay everything will securely transfer over.


After 11 years, we are solid about our business’s practices and how we need to operate and grow, moving forward. While Mindbody has been good for us, we wanted a more personalized system that focuses and enhances our niches/specialties. We are a boutique fitness business and Mariana Tek is the perfect fit!


Sharing your favorite classes with the ones you love has always been something that we wanted to make easy for our students and now we can! For all members you will receive a guest pass to give away each month that’s automatically deposited into your account and expires if you don’t use it that month. When you go in to schedule classes, you will see your extra pass and be able to assign it to your friend or loved one easily. For in studio classes you will pick their spot in the room – cool feature! For virtual classes you will need their email address so they can receive instructions to access that class via zoom.

For anyone on a 5 or 10 class pass, sharing them is also much easier! You can seamlessly assign one of your classes to another person.

We encourage you to share share share! We want you to utilize your guest passes. The best compliment you can give us is spreading the love. Especially during the pandemic it’s so awesome to take virtual classes with loved ones across the globe.

You no longer have to be attending the class with your guest – you can assign them to any class they wish to attend.


One cool feature that we are now able to do is pick your spot for in-studio classes. We think this feature will not only help you to feel comfortable having more space in the studio, it will also help to eliminate any confusion around which class you intend to register for. Sometimes students who want a virtual class accidentally sign up for the in-studio class and wonder where their live stream link is. When you choose an in-studio class, the pick a spot map will show up for you to choose which spot you wish to be in. For now we are still limiting class participants to only 6 students. We will continue using best practices during COVID and monitor the amount of students we allow so that you may continue enjoying the safety and comfort of the extra space.


Since we’re limiting the amount of students that may attend weekly classes, our wait list feature and cancelation windows are critical.

If an in-studio class is full you may still sign up to be on the wait list. When someone cancels their reservation, the first in line will automatically be added to the class – that will be communicated via email. Since students reserve and early cancel their classes often, be ready to be added to the class. Students on the wait list will only be added automatically to the class up to an hour before class time begins (our late cancelation window). If you are on the wait list and added to the class and don’t show you WILL be charged for that class. So please only add yourself to the wait list if you are serious about attending. If someone cancels less than an hour before class we will call, email and text you directly to see if you can make it in time for class.


We require you to pre-register for all classes both in-studio and virtually. Ideally it’s best that you register in advance for the classes you wish to take. You may make a reservation for a weekly class 30 days before it’s scheduled. For workshops it’s 45 days.

For in-studio classes, you must sign up 30 minutes or more before the beginning of class. The system will not allow you to make a reservation less than 30 minutes before the class begins. If you miss the window you can call or text the studio to try to get in, but we cannot guarantee someone will be available to register you for that class.

For virtual classes, you must sign up before the class begins. The registration window closes at the time the class is scheduled to begin. Class links can be accessed after the class has started (you can be late for virtual classes, but it’s not encouraged).


This is a tough but necessary one. Because of the limited number of students we are allowing for in-studio classes and our commitment to keeping everyone safe during the era of COVID, we must be clear and consistent with our cancelation policies.

There are 3 types of cancelations for anyone who has made a prior reservation in our system.


is when you remove your reservation more than an hour before the start of class. This is our preference and you WILL NOT be charged for the class.


is when you remove your reservation within our late cancelation window. Our late cancelation window is 60 minutes or less from the start of the class. Although you did let us know that you are unable to attend the class, it is still not an ideal amount of time for someone on the wait list to make it in. You WILL be charged for the class.


is when you don’t show up for the class and don’t let us know. Obviously this is not what we want.

For virtual classes we will no longer be taking attendance, we are assuming anyone signed up for virtual class will be there. If you don’t show up for your class and you used a 5 or 10 class pass to purchase, that class will still be deducted.

The fastest and best way to cancel a reservation for in studio as well as virtual is through our app. Simply pull up your schedule and early cancel your reservation. You may also cancel a reservation by calling, emailing or texting us.

Our new system will automatically charge you for a reserved class. If your In-Studio reservation is canceled by a no show or late cancelation, the charge is a class deducted from a class pass or $18. If you do not show up for a Virtual class there are no penalties for members and class pass holders will have a class deducted. These cancelation windows have always been a part of our business however up until now we have been very lenient around charging for no shows and late cancels.


For the past year we have been using Fitgrid to create and distribute unique zoom links to our clients for each class. Our new system will do all of this in house. June 1st will be the last day that you will receive your link for virtual classes via Fitgrid. For all classes on Wednesday June 2nd (day of final data migration) you will access all virtual class here. On Thursday June 3rd and thereafter, all virtual classes that you are registered for will arrive in your email inbox 30 minutes before the class is scheduled to begin. The email will come from “info@simplyyogaandfitness.com” and NOT “hello@fitgrid.com”. PLEASE take the time and add info@simplyyogaandfitness.com as a contact in your address book for your email account you use with us so that it doesn’t go to your junk or spam folder.


Perkville Points – All perkville points will transfer over to our new system so no sweat. Keep racking up those points. We are working on making perkville more interactive once we get through this software switch.


We strive to make this transition as smooth as possible. That being said, we are prepared to handle any issue that may come up. Both Shelly and Michele have cleared their teaching schedules directly after the launch date to be available should you have any problems. Program our work number in case you have questions (717) 968-0167, we are happy to respond to text messages if that’s easier.

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