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Music We Love

By admin

March 24, 2020

Since our transition to online classes, we haven’t been able to play the music that we love for you. Here is a list of artists and playlists we recommend listening to while practicing at home. We will continue to update this list.

Collectively our favorites are:

Anugama – Shamanic Dream 1, Shamanic Dream 2, Healing Earth, Tantra

Todd Norian – Bija and Celestial Abode  

Yoga Shalom


Deva Premal


Ben Leinbach

Jai Uttal

Krishna Das


Donna de Lory

Snatam Kaur – Anand Bliss, Grace and everything else!

Ajeet Kaur

Irene Clauser is known for her fun playlists.  For anyone on Spotify, you can find her personal numerous playlists HERE.  Her Favorite artists: Trevor Hall, Odesza, Sol Rising, Shallou, Jai Wolf, DJ Drez, The Polish Ambassador, and Beauvois 

Brooke has some of her awesome playlists listed on Spotify, click HERE.

Carol loves Nomadic Jurassic, Sean Johnson and the Wild Lotus Band, Benjy Wertheimer, and the collective ones above.

Amy suggests the ones above and Kevin McLeod, Mary Youngblood and Sheku Kanne Mason

Julie’s music choices includes listening to Bombay Dub Orchestra, Jai Uttal, MC yogi, Shelia Chandra and Trevor Hall. 

These artists are wonderful to play in your home throughout the day as well as during your practices with us.  Happy listening!

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